Treatment for Photo-Aging

A deep, dark tan is a common summer goal for many but there is no getting around the fact that it will take its toll on your skin. True sun worshipers, that started young, may very well be a victim of “photo-aging”. A result of excessive exposure to the sun, photo-aging can make you look much older than you actually are. This premature wrinkling, and damage to the skin, is unlike the natural aging process and can result in coarser, leathery skin, as well as deep wrinkles. Dr. Ghatan, as well as well-educated staff, are experts in the field of Brooklyn laser surgery and skin resurfacing.

Depending on the amount of sun damage your skin has, is what will determine the best plan of action to take. Dr. Ghatan will also take the time to consult with you in order to find out much more than the level of your sun damage. Many factors will be taken into consideration to help choose the best treatment for your unique needs. In addition to your own opinion and goals for your skin, other details that will be considered are your age, medical history, general health, the specific type of skin damage, your tolerance for certain medications, and any previous therapies or procedures. You will work together with Dr. Ghatan so you are comfortable with your decisions, and know what to expect from us, and your Brooklyn laser surgery.

There are several types of lasers and various therapies and surgeries that can be used on sun damaged skin. A very effective process is the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Laser that delivers multiple wavelengths of light with every pulse. This effective laser treatment is very successful without removing the top layer of your skin, allowing down-time to be at a minimum. Instead of removing skin, it rejuvenates its appearance by eliminating imperfections caused by sun damage and age spots, and improving uneven skin tones caused by red and brown spots. The IPL can also take care of broken capillaries and can even fade the redness caused by rosacea. Dr. Ghatan works closely with you to make you as relaxed as possible, so you are at ease and prepared for your Brooklyn laser surgery.

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