If you have noticed a small growth on your skin, you may have what’s known as a skin tag. Luckily removal of skin tags is a quick, safe and effective procedure with little to no discomfort.

What are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are benign, often skin colored growths that occur on the skin that, depending on the area, can cause discomfort. Most commonly they cause issues with appearance, in visible areas such as the neck or face. Skin tags are caused by a buildup of collagen and blood vessels in the skin. They most frequently occur around natural creases in the body, which is why they are thought to be a result of skin rubbing against skin. Genetics may also be a factor in the likelihood of developing skin tags. They are extremely common, with around 25% of adults developing at least one skin tag.

Types of Skin Tag Removal
If a skin tag is causing irritation or is bothersome from a cosmetic standpoint, there exist a few simple methods for its removal. Dr. Ghatan will select the most appropriate method of care including removing the skin tag with a scalpel or medical scissors, freezing it with a dab of liquid nitrogen, or burning it off with an electric current. Each of these procedures is quick, effective, and minimally painful with a topical anesthetic applied or local anesthetic as needed.

It’s important to seek out the treatment of a board-certified dermatologist when opting to have a skin tag removed. Our dermatologist performs the procedure with absolute care and precision, and provides detailed post treatment guidelines to follow at home.

Patients have reported seeing instantly satisfying results from skin tag removal treatments. For more information on the removal of a skin tag or to make an appointment for a consultation, give us a call today.