My philosophy is that I don’t believe in aging gracefully, I believe in fighting it all the way. I will teach you how to fight the effects that pollution, smoking, stress and sunlight have on your skin.

I begin with a thorough analysis of the present condition of your skin and determine what your skin needs. You will be guided through every step in the diagnostic process and together we will develop a customized program for your individual needs.

Alpha hydroxy and Beta hydroxy acids:

Glycolic acid: exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates new cell production
Salicylic acid: exfoliates surface impurities, cleanses and helps eliminates blackheads and whiteheads


Vitamin C: Fights free radicals and stimulate collagen growth.
Retinols: Vitamin A family that helps fights acne and promotes a clearer complexion also helps to reduce fine lines and improve the texture of your skin.
Sunscreens: The most important step to combat aging and protect your skin against skin cancer (see article)


Fine inert crystals are blasted at the skin and vacuumed back. The result is smoother looking skin with few fine lines, improvement in acne scarring and a more even skin tone. A series of treatments are required to provide the best results.
Recommend: Two treatments per month

Chemical Peels

The Refinity Peel
Combines 70% alpha hydroxy acid with cosmederm-7, a clinically proven anti-irritant. You receive a high level of exfoliation without irritation or redness. Your skin will feel more firm and more hydrated; and the appearance of fine lines, skin discoloration and age spots will improve.
Recommended: one treatment per month

The B-Liftx Treatment
Salicylic acid penetrates the epidermis to exfoliate the surface layer of dead skin cells and cleanse away acne-forming bacteria. Surface impurities are then removed during acne surgery. Ideal treatment for acne and oily skin, your skin will be clearer, more refined and smoother.
Recommended: one treatment per month

TCA Peel
A deeper peel developed to eliminate the surface layers of dead skin. Your skin will initially appear frosty white, then turns a deep brownish red before peeling. Within one week to ten days new fresh, radiant skin will appear. Fine lines will be erased, age spots will diminish and collagen production will be stimulated. Your skin will look and act younger.
Recommended: one to two treatments per year.

Collagen Treatments

Collagen is the natural protein of your skin. It works as a building scaffolding providing your skin with its firm, smooth, resilient texture. As we age and are exposed to the sun, our collagen framework breaks down and wrinkles begin to appear. Collagen replacement therapy restores the natural collagen support layer to your skin. Facial lines are smoothed and wrinkles are diminished. Collagen may also be used to plump up thin lips, eliminate vertical lip lines and improve the appearance of acne scars.

A skin test must first be performed to determine if you are sensitive to Collagen Treatments. After four to six weeks you may start your collagen treatments.


The BOTOX® Facelift
If you are approaching your thirties or forties, or older, you may have started to notice ‘smile’ lines at the sides of your eyes or deep furrows of your brows and forehead, especially when you are in an emotional discussion. These beginning signs of more permanent wrinkles to come are actually creases that are being worn into the skin by making the same facial expression over and over. These ‘expression lines,’ also known as frown lines or crow’s feet, are caused by the contraction of the muscles underneath the skin. We have known for years that surgically cutting the muscle will improve the wrinkle.

BOTOX® is a purified protein that is produced by the clostridium botulinum bacteria. There have been no serious side effects associated with its use by dermatologists. It is a natural, extremely safe, although temporary method of improving wrinkles and signs of aging of the face and neck.

A few drops of BOTOX® are injected with a tiny needle into the muscle that is causing the wrinkle. Over the next five to seven days the BOTOX® effect begins. The BOTOX® blocks motor impulses of the muscle, which weakens the muscle and causes the wrinkles in the overlying skin to gradually soften and often disappear. The effect lasts for about two to four months, with an average of about three months of wrinkle-free face. There is much more to the effect though. BOTOX® can also be injected into specific muscles of the forehead to raise the eyebrows and create a beautiful arch, and make the eyes appear larger. I call this the BOTOX® facelift or sculpting of the face with BOTOX®. This is a non-surgical approach to the facelift and can be helpful as a first step in someone considering a more permanent approach such as a facelift.

The most common areas for the use of BOTOX® are the frown lines between the eyes, the furrows of the forehead, and the crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes. It is also now used to treat lines around the mouth and necklines. BOTOX® does not affect the way the skin feels; there is no pain or numbness of the skin after BOTOX® treatments. The effects are noted only in the specific muscles that have been treated, other parts of the body remain unchanged.

BOTOX® has been safely used for over 10 years for the treatment of spasms of the eye. It was noted that many of the patients also noted improvement of wrinkles around the eye after their BOTOX® treatments. Dermatologists then further developed use of BOTOX® specifically for the improvement of wrinkles. However a subset of those who were treated for wrinkles, who also happened to suffer from migraine headaches, noted that their migraine headaches also improved, and the results often lasted six months to one year, long after the affect of BOTOX® on the wrinkles had worn off.

Other very effective uses of BOTOX®, recently developed by Dermatologists are the improvement of excessive sweating of the hands and feet. When topical and oral medications fail, BOTOX® has been proven to be very effective for the treatment of uncontrollable sweating, especially of the underarms, hands and feet. There is usually some mild temporary weakness of the treated limb, usually lasting two to three weeks. The improvement in sweating can last for six months or longer.


Lifting of the brows
Improve wrinkles of the forehead, between the eyes, crows feet (sides of eyes)
Improve lines of neck and around mouth
Treatment of excessive sweating of underarms, hands and feet
Possible Side Effects of BOTOX®

When injected to the forehead there is a small risk of bruising. This usually last for five to seven days and clears without leaving a scar. When injected around the eyes there is a small risk of drooping of the brows (called ptosis). This is also temporary and can be improved with medicated eye drops. When injected around the mouth or neck, there is some associated weakness of the overlying muscles, which can lead to mild drooling. When injected into the underarms or hands, there is mild, temporary weakness of the hand. For example, it might be more difficult to open a tight jar, but typing ability would not be affected.

Although BOTOX® is a very safe treatment, it should not be used in pregnant women or anyone with some specific neurological diseases.

Laser Treatments:

What is laser?
Lasers produce and intense beam of light that can cut, seal or vaporize skin tissue and blood vessels. Remarkable advances in laser technology allow us to dramatically reverse the effects of aging and sun damage.

What are the benefits of Laser surgery?
The most common indications for laser treatments include:

Improvement of skin texture
Removal of age spots (‘liver’ spots age marks, sun spots, brown marks)
Rejuvenation of the skin
Treatment of broken blood vessels (telangiectasia)
Improvement of rosacea
Tattoo removal
Photo Rejuvenation

A new state of the art treatment for sun damaged skin, rosacea, enlarged pores, brown spots and broken blood vessels. What separates this from previous laser treatments is that there is no ‘down time.’ The laser directly targets specific elements with the skin, leaving the upper layers intact. This means that you can go back to work or to your usual daily routine with minimal interruption.

Using a combination of intense pulsed light and laser technology, fine lines and wrinkles are greatly reduced. Brown spots and broken blood vessels are erased. The skin has a smoother texture and a more even skin tone. Five treatments are needed for optimal results with occasional maintenance treatments as necessary.

We have learned so much about lasers that we can target specific elements in the skin, leaving everything else intact. I can destroy superficial blood vessels without damaging the surrounding skin; I can target pigmented (brown) cells deep in the skin, which helps eliminate sunspots, again, without hurting the upper layers of the skin or surrounding tissue.