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What are Penile Pearly Papules (PPP)?

Penile pearly papules are non-cancerous, non-infectious tiny skin colored dome shaped growth that measure 1–2 mm in diameter and usually occur circumferentially on the edge of the corona of the penis. They may occur in a single or double row on the corona of the glans penis. They are usually confused by patients with genital warts.

PPP appear around puberty. Approximately 30-35% of men have penile pearly papules. Penile pearly papules tend to be more common in uncircumcised men but also occur in circumcised men.

How do you remove Penile Pearly Papules?

Removal is optional. PPP are not contagious, do not transmit sexually, and do not pose no health risks. Cosmetic appearance of penile pearly papules bothers some men or their partner, and they choose to have them removed.

Removal is performed under local anesthesia with minimal to no discomfort. Patients are able to return to work the same day or the next day.

Some possible rare complications may include: Infection, Bleeding, Increased sensitivity, Loss of sensitivity, Recurrence, Need for additional procedures.