An abscess is an infection that occurs in the soft tissues of the skin and it results in collection of pus that is located underneath the skin. Sometimes, people mistake a pimple or a cyst for an abscess or vice versa. Abscesses are usually caused by a bacteria.

Abscess presents with a painful swollen, red skin, and may be painful to touch. The inside of the abscess is filled with pus, bacteria, and other debris, which makes up the hard bump on the surface of the skin. If ignored, with passage of time, the larger the abscess will become and the more painful it can be.

Often times patients are initially treated with topical or oral antibiotics in Brooklyn. However, the most effective treatment for an abscess is incision and drainage of the pus. This is done in office under local anesthesia and with minimum discomfort. In the recent years there has been a sharp increase in infection with MRSA, because of this, it would be important to culture the abscess and have the lab identify the kind of bacteria, and to determine if it is going to respond to one antibiotic versus another, and to be sure that proper antibiotic treatment is given.

An abscess in Brooklyn can lead to serious infection, need for hospitalization and IV antibiotics if not properly and urgently taken care of.

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