What is a cyst? Benign growth that can occur anywhere on the body. They occur more commonly on the face, neck, back, and area behind the ears. Cysts are balloon-like structures in the skin filled most often with sebaceous material with solid or fluid material. Cysts can range in size from very small or a very large size. Cysts can develop into an infection especially on areas of the body where there is more friction. Initially, cysts may increase in size or rupture, become tender and red and infected, and develop into an abscess, then require treatment. Then they need to be treated like an abscess with incision and drainage and oral antibiotics.

After infection calms down, it may be advisable to completely remove the cyst by removing its sac, so that future infections are prevented. This is a simple procedure done in Dr. Ghatan’s office in Brooklyn, under local anesthesia, and you may resume your normal activities shortly thereafter.

Dr. Ghatan is a board-certified dermatologist in Brooklyn. He has taken care of many cysts on a daily basis. Please feel free to call for a consultation.