Spots, Scars, and Spider Veins: Lasers Can Treat Them All

There’s no such thing as perfect skin, but if you want to look your best, laser resurfacing can remove your skin imperfections without surgery.

Although sunspots, scars, and spider veins are common, they can be a blow to your self-confidence. These types of imperfections respond poorly to topicals, and specialists have only recently come up with a way to permanently remove them in a minimally invasive manner.

Dr. Eliot Y. Ghatan has over 25 years of experience in the field of dermatology and uses lasers for a wide array of skin imperfections. If you’re looking for a permanent solution to unsightly sunspots, scars, and spider veins, then keep reading. Our team at Dr. Ghatan Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery has put together a short guide on how laser technology can help.

Lasers safely remove sunspots
Sunspots, or pigmented lesions, are caused by prolonged sun exposure, and they can add years to your look. Sunscreen usage can prevent new sunspots from occurring, but topicals alone can’t eliminate them.

However, lasers can destroy melanocytes (cells that produce the pigment in your spots) without harming the skin. After just a few sessions, the pigmented lesions (age spots, brown spots) start fading away with minimal side effects.

Laser technology reduces the appearance of scars
Scars can be difficult to treat and even more difficult to live with, even when they aren’t located in visible areas.

Laser technology improves scars by stimulating your skin to make new collagen and remodel the scar. Lasers may also reduce the appearance of scars by heating up the skin and removing the upper skin layer to reveal healthier skin underneath. Scars caused by acne, burns, and injuries all respond well to laser treatments.

If you’re interested in laser treatment for your scars, you must wait until your scars are fully healed and free of scabs.

Laser treatments can minimize spider veins
Spider veins are small red or purple veins that can appear anywhere on your body but are more likely to be found on the legs and face. Standing up for prolonged periods of time, pregnancy, heredity, and the use of contraceptives can all increase your risk of developing spider veins.

Laser treatments can effectively minimize the appearance of spider veins by breaking down the vessels using heat. Within weeks, the targeted vessels are naturally absorbed by your body, leaving your skin looking smooth.

Learn more about laser technology for skin imperfections

Laser resurfacing is a safe and effective treatment that is more budget-friendly than its surgical alternatives. It also requires less downtime.

Recovery after the laser treatment is neither time-consuming nor restricting. All you have to do is avoid sun exposure and stop using acids on your skin.

If you want to learn more about laser treatments, contact us to schedule an appointment and find out if you’re a good candidate for laser resurfacing.

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