ReFirme Treatments

If you would like to look younger- and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?- then ReFirme skin tightening could be just what you’ve been looking for. Reducing wrinkles using a highly advanced technology that is both safe and highly effective, ReFirme is a system that our Midwood cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Eliot Y. Ghatan, is proud to offer to you.

With ReFirme, you need not be concerned about invasive or painful treatments in order to get the younger looking skin that you’ve been craving. One of the great advantages that makes ReFirme such an exciting and state of the art product is that it is practically pain free. It works and it works quickly, because your time is valuable and our Midwood cosmetic dermatologist wants to make sure you can get what you’re after and still fit it into your busy schedule.

What kinds of issues can be addressed with the use of ReFirme? It is a complete anti-aging solution. Regardless of what your specific concerns are- sagging under the eyes, nasolabial folds, neck, jowls, sagging brow lines, you names it, ReFirme can handle it. The fact that it does so with such ease and comfort for you, our treasured patient, and to such a high degree of excellence only enhances its value as a treatment for making your skin look younger. And our Midwood cosmetic dermatologist can do all of it for you without causing you any downtime as a result. It may all sound too good to be true, but it most certainly is true.

ReFirme works using light energy and bi-polar radio frequency to target the area you are concerned about by heating the skin tissue. This process is highly accurate and precise. And that means a quick, efficient treatment. Fine wrinkles are reduced, sagging skin is lifted, and you notice that your facial skin is now more smooth, toned, and luminous than before. Compare ReFirme to conventional laser treatments, which are often quite painful and create post-procedure downtime. Our Midwood cosmetic dermatologist offers it precisely because it provides so many advantages. Call us today and arrange a consultation.

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