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If you are an individual who has spider veins and the desire to change your appearance, than the technologically advanced procedure, laser spider vein removal, is for you. According to our Brooklyn medical dermatologist, ideal candidates are non-smoking, physically healthy and psychologically stable. Laser spider vein removal is designed to diminish spider veins using a highly concentrated beam of light energy. Minimally invasive, this procedure is especially popular because it is practically pain-free and requires no general anesthesia. Since skin tone can also be affected by laser vein removal treatment, it’s best to talk to Dr. Ghatan about the type of laser that is most appropriate for you.

Our Brooklyn medical dermatologist uses laser spider vein removal on our patients with unsightly and unwanted veins. This progressive procedure removes spider veins safely, quickly, and most effectively. Because our lasers are so precise, there is very little risk, if any, of burns or blisters on your skin. In laser spider vein removal, light passes through your skin and sends pulses of energy to the targeted vein with no harm to the surrounding tissue. As the blood absorbs the light, it heats up and causes the targeted vein to shrink, ultimately resulting in its disappearance. Requiring no injections and no incisions, laser spider vein removal patients experience a minimal amount of heat. The actual treatment time is about 20 minutes but may be longer or shorter depending on the severity of the veins and the size of the affected area.

Used to treat deeper varicose veins, Dr. Ghatan uses a small tube to conduct laser energy into affected. First, our Brooklyn medical dermatologist anesthetizes the area to be treated and a very small incision is made to insert the tube. There is a probe at the end of the tube that, once inserted, shrinks vein walls so that blood no longer flows through them. Blood is then redirected to healthy veins, resulting in your improved appearance. In addition to the treated blood vessels, connected veins on the surface of the skin naturally fade as well.

Recovery from laser vein removal is different in every patient but typically there is no downtime. Our patients can resume normal activities almost immediately but there can be some minor bruising which tends to fade gradually within a week or two. Our Brooklyn medical dermatologist will explain that swelling of the treated area can also occur but usually subsides within a few days of the procedure. If new veins appear over time, further treatment may be needed by our Brooklyn medical dermatologist to maintain the results of previous treatment.

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