Laser Rejuvenation

Thank you for visiting the offices of Dr. Ghatan, where we provide patients with the best in Bensonhurst laser skin care and the most effective medical and cosmetic treatments in the Brooklyn area. Our office is dedicated to helping patients look their best and to diagnose and treat skin problems using our state of the art technology and treatment procedures. We are located at the Aesthetic Laser Surgery, Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery center located at 1226 Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn. Dr. Ghatan is a graduate of the Albert Einstein Medical School and is trained and specialized in dermatology and some plastic surgery.

One of our procedures is called the Aurora skin rejuvenation system, which uses advanced Bensonhurst laser skin care technology to remove lesions. This combination of light, cooling and electrical energy is used to remove many skin imperfections, such as rosacea, age spots, facial telangiectasias and solar lentigo. The Aurora system works by using a gentle pulse of energy to remove a large range of vascular lesions and pigmented lesions, but without damage to the surrounding skin and tissue. Results can be achieved in just one session, but more treatments can be done if they are spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart.

Our Bensonhurst laser skin care system has been proven to remove vascular lesions permanently. Once the treatment program is completed, your skin will be clearer and more smooth than ever before. Aurora is effective for all skin types and skin irregularities. Dr. Ghatan can customize your treatments to match your skin type and treatment goals. Aurora is based on a type of technology called ELOS, which uses electrical energy and light to improve skin in a more gentle and effective manner. It causes fewer side effects and is more comfortable both before and after treatment than traditional skin laser surgery procedures.

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