Laser Hair Removal

If you have unwanted hair anywhere on your face or body, you don’t have to resort to painful methods such as electrolysis or razors that only provide very temporary outcomes. Our Brooklyn laser hair removal is the solution you want. Not only is it very effective, safe, and painless, which are all vital advantages, but you can feel completely confident in Dr. Ghatan as the highly experienced expert who understands how to perform it. Smooth skin is close at hand.

You might be wondering if it matters what part your body the unwelcome hair is located, and the answer is that it doesn’t. It’s generally a frustrating situation to be dealing with hair that you want to get rid of. No matter if its’ on your face, neck, abdomen, breast, arms, armpits, bikini line, back, shoulders, chest, ears, or between your eyebrows. Our Brooklyn laser hair removal produces impressive and noticeable improvement. And best of all, it’s permanent. The entire process may take more than one visit, depending on how much hair is present and the part of your body where it is. But let us assure you that it will most certainly work for you. There is no doubt. This process is not only efficient, but precise. Dr. Ghatan removes only the hair you want removed. And you can count on little or even no discomfort whatsoever.

Here is how it works: the laser creates a highly concentrated beam of light that passes through the skin and gets absorbed by the pigment that is in your hair follicle. The laser disables the follicles and they won’t grow any more. It sounds pretty simple, and it is, but our Brooklyn laser hair removal does require the hand of a skilled professional. Don’t trust yourself to anything less.

A single treatment may last only a few minutes, in the case of your lip or chin, for example. When it comes to larger areas, the entire process could take several hours. You might experience redness afterward, but if so it will go away within a few days. A much rarer occurrence after our Brooklyn laser hair removal is the appearance of blisters. That, too, will resolve in just a few days.

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