Laser Hair Removal

Having unwanted hair can be difficult to deal with. It may have a dramatic effect on your sense of self-esteem and your overall self-image, and it can dictate what you feel comfortable wearing or doing on a regular basis. Having unwanted hair is quite common, so not only are you not alone but there are also plenty of options available to you if you want to make a change. Here with our expert, Dr. Ghatan, you can benefit from many different services which can effectively remove hair in a professional manner, including Brooklyn laser hair removal.

When it comes to managing unwanted hair, you have probably tried or at least considered a number of different methods. Shaving, plucking, tweezing, waxing, chemical solutions – the works. Many of these solutions are not actually solutions at all, but more like temporary options that all have their fair share of side effects. Many of these methods are painful, cause irritation, and can cause unsightly regrowth in a relatively short amount of time. This leaves you suffering through painful plucking and waxing and unsatisfactorily shaving on a fairly regular basis. If you are tired of dealing with unwanted hair, then Dr. Ghatan can provide you with a much more effective method: laser hair removal. Brooklyn laser hair removal can help target hair at the root. You may not experience complete loss immediately, since some follicles may have been dormant during treatment and others may be expelling disabled follicles. Either way, with increased treatment you will notice a gradual decrease in the amount and thickness of your hair.

To learn more about what our specific laser therapy entails, all you have to do is call our offices and ask any questions you have. From there, we can work on a date and time for you to meet with Dr. Ghatan and learn more about Brooklyn laser hair removal in person.

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