Hair Loss Management

Hair loss can be a frustrating and emotionally taxing situation. Fair or not, a lot of gravity is given to having a full head of hair. This is true for men, and even more so for women. Our hair loss management in Brooklyn is for both here at the practice of Dr. Ghatan.

The statistics are alarming. Two out of three men will suffer with hair loss to one degree or another, with male pattern baldness affecting 40% of men. The news is not any better for women, with 50% experiencing it by middle age. Our hair loss management in Brooklyn is safe and effective. Gone are the days when there was nothing you could do about it. Don’t trust your hair or your health in general to wild schemes and fly-by-night remedies that make ridiculous claims. It is a sad fact that there is no shortage of those out there who will take the opportunity to make money off of your needs, but without providing anything of value. That is not the case with our hair loss management in Brooklyn, which is based on science and proven outcomes. In fact, we are pleased to have FDA approved options that are the result of tireless research both at home as well as in Canada and Europe. We can assure you that is is not only possible to stop hair loss, but to regrow hair. And because you are getting the care of a qualified, experienced medical professional, you can be confident. Best of all, there is not a one-size-fits-all philosophy here. We have more than one method to offer, so no matter what your situation, there is a solution that could be ideal for you.

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