Give Your Skin That Holiday Glow with One of Our Facial Peels

Are you planning for a big holiday party at the end of the year? How about Christmas Day with your family or your in-laws where you want to look fresh, young, and happy? Or perhaps you’re gearing up for a romantic holiday date with your significant other. Whatever the occasion, we all want to look our best in December, and our facial peels can help you do so.

Dr. Eliot Ghatan, as well as the rest of us at his Brooklyn, New York, practice, wants to ensure that your skin feels and looks its healthiest for December. That’s why he’s offering facial peels to give you your very best holiday glow.

Melasma malaise

After a long summer, you might start to notice small brown spots on your skin. These can be an effect of taking birth control or pregnancy, but they can also come from being in the sun too often. And, as the holidays approach and you spend more time indoors, you might start to notice these brown spots more often. These spots are known as melasma.

According to the National Library of Medicine, melasma is a common skin condition that affects mostly younger women, but can affect any person at any time. It causes brownish spots to appear on the skin, often on the face. It can be quite uncomfortable to look in the mirror and notice pigmentation changes. You might feel self-conscious about them and try to cover them with makeup. However, it’s possible to treat melasma with a simple facial peel.

Treating melasma with a facial peel

Dr. Ghatan and his associates can easily treat melasma, as well as a number of other skin issues, with a superficial facial peel. In his office, Dr. Ghatan will either place the regular or the mini skin rejuvenating melasma facial peel on your skin, a process that only takes about 10 minutes. Afterward, you will continue to wear the peel for two hours for the mini and between four to six hours for the regular. After you remove the peel yourself, you will need to follow a seven-day skin care regimen to make sure the results last.

This treatment is able to minimize the signs of melasma through gently exfoliating the skin and removing the rough, outer layer. This outer layer is usually the only part of your skin that’s affected by melasma, so once it is removed, your skin’s pigmentation will look more even. Facial peels also help to smooth and refresh the skin, making you look younger and glowing. Laser treatment and microdermabrasion are other treatment options that are quite effective and result in no downtime.

Get your holiday glow up

When you know you need to look good for the holidays, getting a facial peel about seven days in advance is one of the best ways to achieve a real glow up. Melasma, rough skin, and other issues will be things of the past after you get your treatment. If you want to learn more about the treatment, contact us at 718-427-9981 or make an appointment online to see Dr. Ghatan.

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