Facial Fillers

With the popularity of cosmetic procedures as a means to help reverse changes associated with aging, dermal facial fillers are becoming increasingly popular. The goal of Dr. Ghatan, our dermatologist in Brooklyn, is to return your skin to its original youthful state. In comparison, dermal facial fillers can give you a more natural appearance than surgical face lifts. We successfully use dermal fillers to reduce or eliminate wrinkles, correct problem areas such as lines around your mouth and eyes, enhance lips, raise scar depressions, and replace soft-tissue volume loss. Dermal facial fillers are also used to enhance existing features such as chins, jaw lines, and cheekbones, and works very well as an eyebrow lift.

Our dermatologist in Brooklyn is well educated in the aging effects of your skin and how gradually it loses collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Collagen acts as the main support protein for your skin, elastin allows our skin to stay firm and resist wrinkles, and hyaluronic acid helps to trap water and add volume and shape to your skin. We offer numerous dermal fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse and Belotero. Belotero and Restalyne are Food and Drug Administration-approved and hyaluronic acid based. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance found in your body’s connective tissues and its supply dwindles as you age. These injections can increase volume, creating a more youthful appearance. What makes Radiesse unique is its ability to act as a scaffold under your skin, not only providing structure, but stimulating your own natural collagen to grow.

All types of dermal fillers can help improve the youthful appearance and fullness of your facial skin, but there are marked differences in the way each behaves and how long the results of each will last. Our dermatologist in Brooklyn stays current on cutting-edge advancements in dermal fillers, and will explain to each patient that an important element to achieving successful results is to realize that no one filler is ideal for all areas of the face. In some cases, multiple fillers can be used in various places in your face to improve the look of your entire face. Whatever dermal filler you choose, Dr. Ghatan administers it safely and precisely, and provides exceptional cosmetic results.

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