Brooklyn Laser Hair Removal

The largest organ in the human body is also the most visible – the skin. Skin and hair not only cover our bodies to protect them but also presents us to the world. Placing them in the care of an experienced and expert dermatology practice is the best way to protect the skin that protects you. Our dermatologist’s, Dr. Eliot Y Ghatan, MD, primary goal is to protect and enhance your skin’s health and, thereby your health. Beyond basic health issues our practice aims to enhance your sense of wellbeing by assisting you with any appearance issues concerning your skin, nails and hair. For instance, if you have unwanted hair in any area Brooklyn laser hair removal in our office can help get rid of it.

Brooklyn laser hair removal is an advanced technological alternative to shaving, electrolysis, waxing or smelly depilatory solutions. Our office uses a safe low-energy laser to gently remove hair for both women and men. Using the laser we can treat larger areas at the same time such as the back, arms and legs but the laser is gentle enough to use on the face or any other sensitive area. Laser hair removal is as fast or faster than shaving but offers long-lasting hair free skin. The laser uses a cool light to scan the skin under its beam for hair follicles and treats them by disabling their ability to grow in a painless manner. The laser will not damage the surrounding skin.

Patients undergoing Brooklyn laser hair removal will see results very quickly but most will need more than one treatment to achieve long-term hair removal. The number of treatments needed varies from patient to patient and depends on a number of factors including the part of the body, hair color, skin type and hair growth cycle since the laser treats the follicles that are in the “on” growth cycle at the time. We treat the area until the hair is gone. Older laser technologies and electrolysis could only treat dark hair but since our office uses the latest laser technology we can successfully treat any color hair even gray. So, call our office for an appointment to get rid of your unwanted hair.

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