Brooklyn Cosmetic Dermatology

Do you find that the products you purchase in hopes of regaining the youthful appearance on the outside which you feel on the inside simply do not work as you often see advertised? There are many difficulties which we face, aside from our aging bodies, which can work against our ability to regain our youth. Fortunately, there are state of the art methods which have been perfected by our team at your local Brooklyn cosmetic dermatology center for skin care that can work to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles for a face you will love to see every day with BOTOX cosmetic injections from our professional team at the advanced care center of Dr. Ghatan.

If you are feeling dissatisfied with your appearance, and are not finding the results you are looking for in the aisles of your local grocery store of pharmacy, you are not without hope. Our team at your trusted Brooklyn cosmetic dermatologist urges you to never settle for less than your very best, which we will work with you to achieve through BOTOX cosmetic injections.

Over the counter creams and gels only really work to tighten your skin on the outside, but truly professional cosmetic dermatology works on a completely different level of care by working to treat your body from the inside out for treatments from within that will truly show on the surface to give your face a younger looking appearance. Instead of applying topical medications, BOTOX injections are small amounts of medication derived from clostridium botulinum. These tiny injections will not scar your skin, but instead work to block nerve signals to the muscles which are causing your problem. By stopping these groups from contracting you can see smoother and more youthful skin for a full four months at a time with just one treatment.

BOTOX is one of the only cosmetic procedures currently approved to treat fine lines and wrinkles currently approved by the FDA. These procedures, which take only 10 minutes from your professional Brooklyn cosmetic dermatologist, are not a surgical procedure and as such do not require any recovery period. Your doctor recommends BOTOX for the use of frown lines to treat patients from the ages of 18 to 65 years old. No matter how deep or persistent your lines may seem to you, our team of professionals led by Dr. Ghatan can help you find your youthful appearance once more. Dr. Eliot Ghatan has proudly been utilizing BOTOX cosmetic injections to treat his patients for over 20 years to give people of all ages the youthful appearance they desire to give them a boost in self confidence that can truly change lives. You will be sure to leave the offices of Dr. Ghatan with a face you will love to show off.

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